About Virginmoon Ltd.

VIRGINMOON is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), registered in the Corporate Affairs Commission on the 25th day of June, 2008 in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria.

VIRGINMOON is founded by Kenicewill E.N, she was derived from zodiac sign "VIRGO" and is in accordance with the calender month of "SEPTEMBER" as MOON because the founder was born between mid "September" called "VIRGO" hence ZODIAC, "VIRGO-MOON".

VIRGINMOON is a retail company, versatile in line of business: information communication and technology (ICT), importation of Motor Cycle & Automobiles of any brand/models, warehousing of used motor spare parts for repair, logistic & haulage, cold room for seafood delivery and event services, exploration & drilling, contract and allied matters.

VIRGINMOON has some national and international associate partners and also a stakeholder to some national and international company, which has motivated our ImpEx service priority. AND VIRGINMOON is accredited and/or stakeholder of TSTV Satellite service company.

We have created a Short Message Services (SMS) portal to enable business magnate and friends to rapidly communicate for national and international service delivery , we are customer service motivator,job satisfactory motivation and production to perfection is our utmost desire .

VIRGINMOON is a Private Limited Liability Company .Without a satisfied customer,there is no business . Customers' satisfaction on NEEDS & WANTS is our Priority.


You are our strength and life-wire ,thank you for your visit and we hope you enjoys our services,endeavor to continous using our vmltdsms portal for your rapid national and international trusted same-time Short-Message-Service (SMS) delivery .We appreciate .

Very Truly Yours

CEO:Kenicewill E.N


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