Dear Valued Customers,

VIRGINMOON LIMITED is poised to give you service to perfection hence our motto is satisfaction to perfection so we have below opportunities to offer you:

VISA: Do you have anyone who intend to tour Africa, Europe, America ,Asia or Middle East ,we have the expertise to secure genuine Multiple or Single Entry Visa to any country at cheap rate to ensure that the tourist dream is accomplished, contact or call us.

EMPLOYMENT: we intend to help eradicate the high rate of unemployment in so if need be, feel free to enquire of our legal status before dealing with us towards our employment opportunities linkage, forward to us your Resume CV for assistance if need be.

AUTOMOBILE: we also deal on exotic automobiles and trucks so contact us for your choice luxury† car, just say your brand or model and we make it available for you, feel free to visit our car stand today for sight seeing.

FREE INTERNET: contact us today for your everlasting free internet access, you will be your own MODEM (ISP) to save your income instead of paying monthly bill subscription to any internet service provider† anymore and you can give internet access to your neighbourhood with our software if installed.

RECHARGE CARD PRINTING: learn how to establish a recharge card printing business to be a legal distributor of ALL network to earn good daily income. Just contact us to get the software installation.

SMS ADVERT CAMPAIGN: you know that not every1 has access of internet but every1 has access of phone so you can create your products or line of business awareness by using to sms advert campaign launching to your known or unknown phone numbers from your office or home. Alot of business enterprise ,NGOs,Churches and Corporate entities use sms advert campaign to boost their services this days so join them to boost your daily income by advertising peoples products and yours, through our sms gateway.

THERAPY: Do you know someone who has PROSTRATE,HYPERTENSION,APOPLEXY a.k.a STROKE or any other cerebruvascular and urinary track †diseases, reach us for the everlasting cure and for a therapy to boost sperm count and sex enhancer for a normal libido in every manís life incase of infertility or sterile.

Virginmoon Ltd is poised to serve you to the fullest hence satisfaction to perfection is out utmost motto so dial our hotline 08080911000 when need be for assistance.

Very Truly Yours
Kenicewill E.N
Ceo,Virginmoon Ltd

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